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How to Choose the Best Bridal Mehndi Artist

Mehndi by SARAHENNA (
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Planning your wedding is full of so many details! It is exciting, but can feel a bit daunting. Selecting the venues for various events, choosing your outfits, your photographer, and your mehndi artist can be overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect. Having good recommendations from friends or family members is helpful, but you also have your own personal style. Knowing what to look for, and what questions to ask, can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list to help you find the best mehndi artist for your big day!

Start by finding out which artists are available in your area. You might already have some recommendations, and you can also search the internet using a search term like “bridal henna” or “bridal mehndi” with your city name (or a larger city nearby). Take some time to look through their websites. Their site should have some photos of their work and give you a sense of how serious they are about their business. Is it well organized? Attractive? Up to date? If they have a link to social networking pages such as Facebook, take a look at that too.

Schedule a consultation with the artist(s) you are considering for your mehendi. This will give you a chance to discuss your needs, find out how well you get along with them, and ultimately will help you make a better decision. If they are not local to you, set up a phone consultation.

As you do your research, here is what you should be looking for:

Quality of work. Your mehndi day is an important part of your celebration. Your designs will be attracting attention from your friends and family, as well as your photographer! You’ll only have your mehndi done like this once in your life, so it should be something special. Look at the details. Look at the balance of the design overall. Do you like the style of their work? Do they have any photos that show they can create the style that you want? Their number of years of experience can be a guide, but ultimately it’s the quality of the work that matters on your big day.

Darkest henna for a bride

Henna by SARAHENNA (
Photo by Victor Zerga (

The quality of the stain is also important. Request a sample design at your consultation to see the results for yourself. A good mehndi artist will mix their own paste fresh for each bride, and it should produce a dark stain. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, so you may get a darker or lighter stain than someone else. But if you meet with multiple artists, you can compare the stains you get from each one. The artist should use high quality, natural ingredients and should NEVER use pre-made cones or black henna. These can have disastrous results! Pre-made cones may simply be old and not stain well, or they may have toxic chemicals in them that cause rashes, blistering or more serious effects. Don’t risk this for your wedding. The artist should be willing to tell you exactly what ingredients are in her paste, and it should smell nice. Black henna and some other premixed cones have an unpleasant chemical odor.

What are their booking policies? Do they book more than one bride on the same day? If they do, this isn’t fair to you. Your artist should be rested and fresh for your mehndi, and not in a rush to go to the next bride.

Do you get along with your artist? Don’t forget that you’ll be spending a few hours with this person while they do your mehndi. You should feel comfortable with them.  

Are they professional? Once you’ve discussed your needs for your mehndi as well as any extras (such as a henna party for your guests) a deposit will likely be required to secure your date(s). Once this is done, your artist should provide an agreement or contract that outlines the details. It should provide you with a final cost. This is helpful to you as well as to the artist. It helps to ensure you are both in agreement about the services to be provided and the total price.

We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know what you think!

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