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Top Mehndi Designs of 2013

It’s truly been an amazing year. I feel so blessed by my clients – those that I’ve known for a few years now, and others that have become new friends. Each experience is unique and rewarding in it’s own way. As I browsed through my photos over the past year, there were several that stood out to me and grabbed the attention of my clients and followers too.

I compiled a top ten list of my most popular henna designs this year, based on all of your feedback via social media and the most popular requests. I hope you enjoy! (You can vote for your favorite at the end of this post)

Number 10

This has been one of my most popular bridal mehndi designs for feet. I still remember what a great time I had doing Pooja’s henna. Her father even requested one of the mandalas to be done on his own hand – to match her design.


Number 9

I remember meeting Carolyn as a bride-to-be at one of my favorite local coffee houses. She had clear ideas about what she wanted – one of which was the wispy peacock feathers you see in the design. She and her now-husband Vin have a fantastic photography business, Molten Light Studios (on Facebook), based in Seattle.


Number 8

This is one of my favorites, although in full disclosure I’m probably a little biased since these are my husband’s feet. I love trying out new designs and he is always so supportive. This has become one of the designs that people mention the most. I met so many new people this year who said “you did those feet, right?”


Number 7

I did this one fairly recently. It was a private appointment for a young, athletic couple living on Capitol Hill and the henna was part of a birthday celebration. She described a large floral/swirly design she’d had done in henna before and wanted something similar.


Number 6

This was the very first belly I’ve decorated for an Indian mom. Hennaed bellies have not been as popular in that community, so I was excited to design something for her. I was so thrilled when she told me she loved it!


Number 5

I traveled a couple of hours north – nearly to the Canadian border – to do the mehndi for this sweet bride. Narita’s family welcomed me warmly, offering the most delicious foods and including me in their prayer ceremonies. This was one of my more memorable events.


Number 4

Megha wanted something less dense for her bridal henna. I love those, because you can really see the design. It may be less traditional, but the beautiful elements within the design don’t get lost in all of the intricate fills. When I do a “full” design, I try to leave negative space so that the shapes stand out.


Number 3

Lavina presented me with a challenge for her pregnancy henna: she wanted something “Indian” in style, integrating a Ganesh and an Om. Her little boy was so active (as they often are when I’m hennaing!) and frequently contributed to the design with little kicks and rolls. 🙂


Number 2

When planning the bridal-style henna for her 10-year wedding anniversary, Beth showed me a few different motifs she liked and then let me create the design for her. This is really how to get the best work from your mehndi artist. Attempting to replicate a design usually doesn’t quite end up the same as in the photo/drawing. We all have our own unique bodies in different shapes and sizes. Your artist can tailor the design perfectly for you. When the creativity is allowed to flow, you end up with new and beautiful designs that are 100% uniquely yours!


Number 1

Here it is! By far, this design received the most attention and requests from future clients. Rachel wanted lighter coverage for her July wedding, and was open to letting me create. I really loved doing this simple style. This is a great example of “less is more”.


I hope you enjoyed the photos! For more of my work, visit: Facebook, Flickr, Instagram (user sarahennaseattle), or my SARAHENNA website. I also sell fresh, organic henna and supplies in my shop.

Happy new year! See you in 2014!

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Gorgeous Henna Photography

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a highly talented local photographer to create some incredible images of henna. I’m excited to see the results, but until then here is a sneak peek:

Henna on model for fashion photography

Huge thanks to Jared M. Burns Photography for this teaser shot!

First Wedding Anniversary Henna

Last weekend I met Samatha, a sweet young woman celebrating her first wedding anniversary. She chose some beautiful patterns, and I decorated her hands while she and her husband made the final arrangements for their tropical cruise. We even hid her husband’s name in her design since she hadn’t done that with her bridal mehndi in India. Both hands are Asha Savla designs:

Bridal henna design on palms

February Brides and Valentine’s

February has definitely lived up to it’s reputation as the month of love! There were two lovely brides, several birthday parties, a baby shower and a sexy stockings-inspired design for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a custom design I did for the beautiful Selamawit:

Seattle henna artist

She wanted open space, netting and overlapping flowers. I saw her again a couple of days later to apply glitter and Swarovski crystals; and the stain was gorgeous! I’m hoping to have some professional shots to share soon.

Henna for bride

Birthday henna for 11 year old Sami and her friends:

Preteen girl party

For the lovely Purnima — she chose a more traditional Bhavini Gheravara design. She LOVED the dulha and dulhan images!

Seattle mehndi design with figures

Here is a close up of the palms:

Redmond mehndi for wedding

Finally, some stocking-inspired Valentine’s Day henna for Rebekah:

Sexy mehndi design for Valentine's Day

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