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February Brides and Valentine’s

February has definitely lived up to it’s reputation as the month of love! There were two lovely brides, several birthday parties, a baby shower and a sexy stockings-inspired design for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a custom design I did for the beautiful Selamawit:

Seattle henna artist

She wanted open space, netting and overlapping flowers. I saw her again a couple of days later to apply glitter and Swarovski crystals; and the stain was gorgeous! I’m hoping to have some professional shots to share soon.

Henna for bride

Birthday henna for 11 year old Sami and her friends:

Preteen girl party

For the lovely Purnima — she chose a more traditional Bhavini Gheravara design. She LOVED the dulha and dulhan images!

Seattle mehndi design with figures

Here is a close up of the palms:

Redmond mehndi for wedding

Finally, some stocking-inspired Valentine’s Day henna for Rebekah:

Sexy mehndi design for Valentine's Day

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