My Favorite Henna Designs from 2014

Last year I had so many fun opportunities for trying more experimental designs. I also saw a huge increase in activity on Instagram, and I’ve really focused a lot on posting photos there since it’s so quick and fun to do (find me here). I find myself capturing more casual shots.

I really loved wearing this mandala design over the winter. The color is so vivid and fresh! This was using the new 2014 crop of Suraja henna powder.

Fresh henna stain

Fresh henna stain

This was a really popular design that I did early in 2014 and it’s been requested dozens of times since. I mixed in some UAE style design elements in with Indian motifs for this bracelet / strip combination.

Henna bracelets

My very first henna appointment of the year turned out to be one of my favorites. Chelsey booked her henna with me, timed perfectly for her maternity photo shoot 2 days later. Baby Alexis was born just a week and a half later!

Photo by Rachel Davis Photography

Photo by Rachel Davis Photography

One of my all-time favorite bridal henna sessions was with Zyanya. She had some clear ideas about what she wanted, but also gave me artistic freedom with the designs. I was also so happy that she was comfortable with having some negative space in her henna. It makes a strong impact!

Unusual layout for a bridal henna design

Unusual layout for a bride

I loved this shot by Jerome Tso of Anisha’s wedding mehndi, done over Labor Day weekend. That event was also where I met an exceptionally talented young makeup artist, Arianna Scott, based right here in Kirkland! (We recently collaborated on a project that I’ll be posting about soon – stay tuned!)

Photo by Jerome Tso Photography

Photo by Jerome Tso Photography

One more bridal henna shot for you. I loved the way this design turned out with the dense palms and open backs of the hands. The dot border turned out to be an interesting and pretty touch, I thought!

Floral bridal design

I don’t get to post photos of designs for men as often, but they’re so much fun to do. I really liked the way this photo turned out.

Geometric henna for men

I LOVE wearing henna on my feet, and I remember doing this design last year just before summer started. I was so excited to see the sun again, and henna on my feet just feels like summer.

Henna stain on feet

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for reading!


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